About SwearBuy.it

Welcome! SwearBuy.It is my first-ever programming effort and I appreciate your taking the time to visit.

SwearBuy.It is a place for friends to share the products and experiences they love the most. Help your friends discover the things you rave about. At the same time, don't miss out on the experiences that delight your friends.

Please sign-up and thanks for sharing whatever you Swear Buy! Also, thanks for sending me your feedback.


FAQ (ok, not-so-frequently-asked Qs)

Q. Why did you build Swear Buy?
A. SwearBuy.It is a marriage of my learning to program and my curiosity about the products and experiences that delight my friends. As a hobby, I've been teaching myself to code over the past few months. I thought this project was within reach technically and also something that might be useful to friends.

Q. How long have you been working on it?
A. I wrote the first lines of SwearBuy.It code in August and have been working on it off-and-on since then.

Q. What technologies did you use?
A. I'm using javascript/ajax/html on the front-end and python/sqlite on the back-end. I leverage Facebook for registration and the Facebook Graph API to build user friend lists.

Q. How did you learn to code?
A. I started with MIT's OCW Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in July and later hired an excellent tutor to guide additional study. I wasn't sure I was ready for it, but my tutor encouraged me to apply what I was learning on a "real" project. I've been building successively more sophisticated versions of SwearBuy.It and supplementing my learning by reading online documentation and utilizing a number of online resources - StackOverflow and Treehouse to name a few. Also, I attended the Facebook Hackathon in September.

Q. What's next for Swear Buy?
A. While I think this version of SwearBuy.It will be useful as-is, it is very much an early draft. I plan to continue development for as long as people find value in the site. There are a number of additional features I think would enhance the site, but I'm eager to hear your feedback, too.

Q. Talk turkey. As your friend, how many Swear Buys am I obligated to add?
A. There's no obligation to do anything! But, the site will only be useful if people add content. Also, sending me feedback will help me improve it.

Note - I've primarily tested the site in Chrome on the Mac. While it should also be functional in Safari, Firefox, and IE, it may have some unexpected quirks.